HUAPOP, Let The World Discover Chinese Culture, 2022 HUAPOP Creative Festival Ends With A Bang

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On July 19,  the " 2022 HUAPOP Creative Festival ", co-organized by HUAPOP Creative Industry Alliance and Chinese Cultural Center of United States, was held at Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen Grandly.

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Members of HUAPOP Creative Think Tank Committee, experts and scholars in  field of cultural creativity from relevant provinces and cities in China, and representatives of leading brands and enterprises that influenced young generation such as ALPHA, COSMOS Bear, QQ FAMILY, TOP TOY, L&A GROUP and Babu Panda, as well as creative design artist and media representatives participated in the event.

2022 HUAPOP Creative Festival sets up six award lists, to show excellent products, brands and founders that young generations are concerned about.  It makes the world understand the trends of  younger generation in terms of fashion and style and future.

Meanwhile, the event  also sets HUAPOP Outstanding Contribution Award, which is awarded to enterprises and entrepreneurs who have devoted to promote Chinese culture. It aims to let the world know aspirations and trends of the younger generation, and  vitality of HUAPOP through displaying and encouraging brands, people, enterprises and products that under trend of HUAPOP,

At the beginning of festival, scholars and experts from home and abroad expressed their congratulations to 2022  HUAPOP Creative Festival. 。


Mr. Jian Dingxiong, Party Secretary of former Shenzhen Futian District Federation of Literary and Art, Chairman of First Class Researcher attended and expressed his warm congratulations to the event. At the same time, he also said that HUAPOP is not only a wave of global investment into China, but also a wave of world trade out of China, and a fashion wave of world culture! He hopes  traditional Chinese culture can use  "HUAPOP Creative Festival" as a platform to combine with new fashion trend, and further go to the world, so that the world can re-recognize China again.

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Mr. Chen Jianjiang, one of the founders of global HUAPOP and HUAPOP Economic Research Institution, delivered a speech, saying that HUAPOP is "Chinese Tide Culture", the core element "HUA",  which is an excellent traditional Chinese culture inherited for 5000 years, and the manifestation is "POP", the combination of superior traditional culture and contemporary fashion and technology. It is  a new way of expression that  fully satisfy new people, new needs, new technologies and new scenes in contemporary era. The purpose of organizing such an event is to show spirit of our young generation of new Chinese people.

Mr. Zhang Zeyin , General Manager of Shenzhen HUAPOP Creative Technology Co., Ltd. and General Director of HUAPOP Creative Industry Alliance, made a speech, "In 2021 we further propose the concept of HUAPOP which  is  HUA, at also a POP that HUAPOP can blow up the world. With the support of all of you, we are welcoming the tide of revival, integration and peace of Chinese civilization!”

In the forum of HUAPOP Creative City IP, Mr. Jian Dingxiong, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Shenzhen Futian District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Mr. Su Tong, founder of Creative China Industry Alliance and one of founders of Global HUAPOP, Mr. Wei Jianzhang, Vice President of Institute of International Cooperation and Development (Shenzhen), Mr. Wang Bin, Chairman of Frontier Expo Group and founder of Shenzhen IP Expo, Ms. Wu Libing, Operation Director of XVERSE (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. and Mr. Chen Yuhai,  founder of ZOMBIES CAT IP, had an in-depth exchange of views on development of urban IP, brand competition, design aesthetics, cultural and creative industries, IP, IP culture and Metaverse.

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In order to tell Chinese story well, HUAPOP Think Tank was set up at event, inviting experts and scholars in relevant industry to discuss HUAPOP and development of cultural and creative industry. During the event, the appointment ceremony of  first member of  HUAPOP Think Tank Committee was also held.

The first documentary film of HUAPOP series, "HUAPOP - The Trendy Play", was also shown for the first time to all guests. To promote integration of Chinese culture and fashion into a trend that the world can consume - HUAPOP - and to make the world re-recognize China and Chinese people again. This is the meaning of arranging such a festival today. In the future, HUAPOP will be more sophisticated and focused in promoting and facilitating the global trend of Chinese culture.

Be proud of China, let the world re-recognize China again.  After previous promotion and selection process, exciting awards ceremony featured dozens of brilliant and sought-after products, brands, companies and leaders from across China.Seven categories of HUAPOP awards focus on generation Z , presenting a new paradigm of Chinese aesthetic life, showcasing "HUAPOP" to the world, and delivering outstanding creative products, brands and enterprises of Chinese nation, and telling story of Chinese culture to world.

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2022 HUAPOP Creative Festival ends successfully with its slogan “BE PROUND OF CHINA, MAKE CHINESE CULTURE AS THE MAIN STREAM.” As a member of HUAPOP, we will be more confident to lead and show the trend of "HUAPOP, by telling Chinese stories, and to promote interesting and creative Chinese stories with oriental life style to world!